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I am a senior lecturer at Gothenburg University, department of Education, Communication and Learning. My research concerns the organization of higher education in changing society and in particular how higher education as a knowledge organization should act for a sustainable development in the areas of food production, food quality and the welfare of farm animals, both at local and global levels. Some of the approaches that break up the boundaries between the university and the society are open educational resources (OER) and open textbooks. They can be boundary practices and the individuals within these systems are boundary agents, which are crossing the boundaries between different contexts carrying a learning potential. Both approaches are based on an assumption that there is both a desire and an ability to share and apply, resulting in a meaningful and collective way of learning. However, these practices may also involve tensions that are subject of negotiations. I use the fourth generation activity theory as an analytic lens to explore OER and open textbooks in the interaction between multiple activity systems and in creating an emerging culture of sharing amongst teachers, students and the society. The research is based on mixed methods and is conducted at multiple systemic levels.

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OER, OEP, Open Textbooks, Sustainability