A few weeks ago a bunch of GO-GNer’s braved the time difference and webinar chatted about Open Education publishing opportunities.

We all favoured Open Access journals on principle, but also noted that sometimes this means we tend to publish in a somewhat narrow set of journals – so we risk preaching to only the converted. When it comes to being part of a broadening ideas type of scholarly conversation with mainstream education, you might have good reason to sometimes pick a closed, but highly cited education journal. Personally, I also found it helpful to know of others who are not mainstream ed-techers, but working and researching in more interdisciplinary spaces. One implication of this, is an interest in publishing in interdisciplinary journals – from those on digital assessment, to transformative learning, to Higher ed (or school ed), STEM disciplines, philosophy, and so on. A number of URLs to journal listings were shared including:


We also noted a few particular journals that we are reading at the moment, so dip in and enjoy. And get inspired and motivated to… write, write, write!