Resources for open education researchers:

Openness and Education: A Beginner's Guide

Produced by Katy Jordan, Martin Weller, Vivien Rolfe and Irwin DeVries, this document builds on recent research undertaken to trace the history of openness in education, and maps the different ways of thinking about open education that have come to bear on the field we see today.
Mapping of themes across time aims to provides those new to the field with a useful overview of the history and introduction to the concept of openness, and ways to explore the literature further. Each section of this document will summarise the nature of one of the themes, and its relationship to the broader network. Additionally, the document provides an annotated bibliography, through summaries of five of the most influential publications across a range of perspectives in each theme.
Guidebook to Research on Open Educational Resources Adoption, by John Hilton III, David Wiley, Lane Fischer and Rob Nyland. Produced by the Open Education Group for the Open Textbook Network.

"The purpose of this guidebook is to provide ideas for how individual faculty members and those who support them (e.g., librarians, instructional designers, etc.) can research the effect of their adoption of open educational resources (OER). Clearly educational research is a challenging enterprise; this guidebook is not meant to replace the substantive courses and experiences that a PhD in educational research would provide. Rather, our hope is to provide some straightforward suggestions that could be implemented by OER adopters so as to help them identify what has happened as a result of their OER adoption."
OER Hub Researcher Pack

This pack is a collection of material arising from the work of the OER Hub at the Open University in the UK, concentrating on the tools developed by the project: survey questions, interview questions, evaluation framework, ethics manual, etc. All of the material is CC-BY licensed, so can be adapted and reused as you see fit, provided it is acknowledged.
OER Knowledge Cloud

"The UNESCO/COL OER Knowledge Cloud is a curated database and repository that has been established to identify, collect, preserve and disseminate available documents of enduring value to researchers, industry, government, scholars, writers, historians, journalists and informal learners."
Research Bibliography on OER in the Global South, produced by the ROER4D Project, an openly shared bibliographic database of over 1500 references relating to OER research.