There are three ways to be involved with the GO-GN:

  1. The first is if you are a PhD student, currently registered on a programme studying some aspect of OER. We host regular webinars, and also arrange for some (not all) students to attend the OE Global Conference, and can link you with mentors in the OER field. Please note that you need to be registered for a doctorate programme at a university, and have supervisors in place. We cannot provide supervision or organise a PhD programme for you.
  2. The second way is to be a potential supervisor or mentor to students within the network. If you have expertise and experience, it is very useful for students, who are often working in isolation in their own institutions, to have someone to talk to with OER knowledge. This commitment can vary from being an officially registered supervisor to offering occasional, informal advice.
  3. The third way is to be an interested party. Maybe you are considering a PhD in this area but don’t have arrangements in place yet, or you are an OER researcher or practitioner who wants to come into webinars, and stay abreast of what the network is doing. The GO-GN network benefits form all OER-related practitioners being part of the community, so please feel free to join.

Whichever of these feels best describes you, we have one form which will filter your application. We will then sign you up to the mailing list. Also, please consider following us on Twitter and joining the Facebook page, using the links at the top, or icons below.

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