Online events

We host a monthly webinar, where doctoral candidates and established researchers present and discuss their work. All webinars are recorded and released under a CC BY license. Due to COVID 19, from 2020 onwards, we also held online seminars and workshops. Recordings of these events are also made available on CC BY licenses and listed below.

If you are interested in presenting at a GO-GN webinar, please get in touch at GO-GN [at]


26 June A Dialectical Speculative Method for Re-Imagining Educational Futures with Artificial Intelligence with Kyungmee Lee.

15 May Update on the GO-GN AI Sprint with Rob Farrow. Recording coming soon. 

16 April GO-GN Member Research Special VIII with Paz Diez Arcón and Kathryn Johnson.

28 March Live and Direct from OER24 in Cork, Ireland. Recording coming soon. 

6 February The Feasibility of Implementing Standardised Data Literacy Services at Selected Private University Libraries in Kenya with Stanislaus Agava.

23 January GO-GN Experts and Friends Research Special I with Lesley Boyd and Javiera Atenas.


12 December What’s next for GO-GN? plus End of Year Celebration

15 November GO-GN Member Research Special VII with Helen DeWaard & Gabi Witthaus.

17 October GO-GN Live-and-direct from #OEGlobal23 at Edmonton.

13 October 10th anniversary workshop keynote: Back to the Future: The Early Years of GO-GN with Prof. Robert Schuwer and Day One GO-GN member and alumni presentations.

5 July The Ecology of OEP in Australian Higher Education with Adrian Stagg.

6 June The Education Commons: Reviving the Soul of Lifelong Learning with Guy Standing.

23 May Wikipedia and Gender Equality with Ewan McAndrew.

21 April Decolonising Curriculum with ChatGPT and other education technology with Sarah Lambert and Jo Funk.

27 March: GO-GN Member Research Special VI with Davis Velarde Camaqui, Tanya Elias, Lucy Beattie and Viviana Betancur Chicué.

20th February. GO-GN EDI Guidelines Launch

24th January. Open Leadership for the ecosystem of Open Educational Implementation. Ebba Ossiannilsson


20th December 2022. GO-GN End of Year Celebration.

21st November 2022. GO-GN Fellowships Reflection Report Launch

27th September. GO-GN New Member Research Special V. Mara Bordignon, Kathryn Johnson and Melissa Ashman.

18th August 2022. Open Empowerment and Evaluations: Professional Development, Content Curation and Quality Standards. Gino Fransman and Koshala Terblanche

24th May. Live from OE Global F2F Nantes, France 

16th March. Fellows Research Special with Catherine Cronin, Michael Paskevicius and Viviane Vladimirschi

23rd February. In the “after-times”: Despair, Criticality, Resistance and Hope with Laura Czerniewicz and  Catherine Cronin.


14th December. GO-GN End of Year Celebration 2021.

4th November. Understanding Critical Data Literacy beyond Data Skills Workshop with Javiera Atenas, Leo Havemann, Caroline  Kuhn and Cristian Timmerman.

14th October. GO-GN Member Research Special IV. with Kate Huth, Evelyn O.A.Tetteh, Emily Helton and Leo Havemann.

15th September. GO-GN Conceptual Frameworks Launch with Rob Farrow.

7th July. Fellows Research Special. Session 2. with Sarah Lambert, Judith Pete and Jo Funk.

9th June. Fellows Research Special. Session 1. with Verena Roberts, Chrissi Nerantzi and Virginia Rodes.

5th May. New Member Research Special. with Barbara Conde Gafaro, Stanislaus Agava Litsalia and Dave Cormier.

20th April. Session, with Michelle Austin and Kelsey Howe of GMMB: OER Communications Strategy and Jami Mathewson of WikiEducation: Become a GO-GN Wiki Scholar

2nd March. Carina Bossu and Viviane Vladimirschi: DEI in Latin America project: Plan and Preliminary Findings (Presentation slides also available)

4th February. Rob Farrow discusses conceptual frameworks, our forthcoming handbook and how to get involved.


14th December. GO-GN End of Year Special

17th November. GO-GN mini-seminar:

14th October. GO-GN mini-seminar:

16th September. Rob Farrow discusses the first GOGN research round-up, which reviewed the latest OER and OEP publications

1st July. Jo Funk presents Open for Whom? OEP with North Australian Indigenous Workforce Development

13th May. JIME special issue on Open Education and Social Justice launch event

6th May. Taskeen Adam talks about Approaches to Designing Justice Orientated MOOCs

31st March. GO-GN mini-seminar:

4th March. Verena Roberts talks about OEP to expand high school learning environments, spaces & experiences

5th February. This session focused on the plans for developing our new methodology handbook


5th November. GO-GN were live and direct from WCOL2019 in Dublin

10th October. Janesh Sanzgiri talks about “MOOCs and Openness: The Case of MOOCs in India”

5th September. GO-GN were live and direct from ALT-C 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland

4th July. Beck Pitt Results of the UK Open Textbooks Project: What? Why? How?

6th February.  Viviane Vladimirschi presents “Professional Development Guidelines for OER: A Case Study of Brazilian Fundamental Education Public School Teachers”


5th December – Digital Open Textbooks for Development (DOT4D)

7th November – Rick Holliman discusses ‘Who should have a voice in research?’.

4th October – Chrissi Nerantzi talks doctoral research, cross-institutional academic development, collaborative open learning and phenomenography.

5th September – Connie Blomgren and Verena Roberts have a conversation about K12 Open Learning.

18th July – Bernard Nkuyubwatsi shares ‘Open Distance and eLearning policy development and subsequent open educational practices’.

6th June – Robin DeRosa discusses ‘Open for the Public: Pedagogies Towards the Commons’.

21st April – GO-GN-ers do a VConnecting session from Delft, The Netherlands.

21st March – Dianne Conrad, co-editor of IRRODL shares advice on How to Get Published in a Reputable Journal.

8th February – Caroline Kuhn presents some of her PhD work as she considers Tensions concerning personal open designs and institutional closed artefacts in a Higher Education Institution.


6th December – Rory McGreal talks about OER for collaborative learning.

1st November – TJ Bliss takes you on An Unexpected Journey: How A Dissertation Changed a Life.

4th October – Laura Czerniewicz and Sukaina Walji discuss MOOCs, community orientation and reclaiming the social justice agenda – insights from a South African university’s MOOC initiative.

6th September – Penny Bentley shares her PhD research on Teachers’ Experience of Professional Learning through Open Education.

5th July – Dr Sanjaya Mishra (COL) presents his research on the barriers to OER in Indian HE, as perceived by teachers.

7th June – Cristina Stefanelli, Rania Qazim and Daniel Villar-Onrubia talk about the OpenMed Project.

1st June – Sarah Lambert, Martin Weller, Carina Bossu and other GO-GN members informally chat about publishing open education research.

4th April – Katy Jordan on academic social networking (or why you shouldn’t delete your account).

1st March – Jan Neumann showcases the OER World Map as a tool for scientists.

1st February – Adrian Stagg shares The Ecology of the Open Practitioner: A Conceptual Framework for OEP Research.


7th December – Robin L Donaldson and E Shen on the 2016 Student Textbook and Course Material Survey.

2nd November – Suzan Koseoglu and Maha Bali discuss ‘The Self as an Open Educational Resource’.

11th October – Martin Weller’s openclass ‘The New Open Education’ examines how research into open education has developed over the past 15 years. In collaboration with Cátedra Telefónica-UNIR.

7th September – Shironica P. Karunanayaka shares research on the impact of integrating OER in teacher education at the Open University of Sri Lanka.

6th July – Rajiv Jhangiani reviews research on the efficacy and impact of open textbooks.

1st June – Rob Farrow facilitates discussion around ‘The Open Research Agenda”.

4th May – GO-GN researchers review their participation in the 5th GO-GN Seminar and OEGlobal in Kraków.

6th April – Martin Weller talks about ‘Identifying categories of OER users’.


10th December – Anne Algers presents research based on her PhD work: ‘OER as boundary objects‘.

26th November – Report from OpenEd conference.

8th October – Researching in the open, the good and the bad. Discussion panel. As part of the P2PU Open Researcher Course.

30th September – OER Research Hub, Impact and Findings. In collaboration with ALT: