Here you can find links to some of our major outputs.

You can also browse publications and outputs from our doctoral researchers and consult completed doctoral theses from our members..

Other Network Resources

GO-GN member Chrissi Nerantzi has compiled a list of very useful resources to guide you through your PhD journey. Check them out here.

Two useful bibliographical resources for researchers in open education are the OER Knowledge Cloud (an archive of research articles, books and reports) and the research bibliography on OER in the Global South provided by the ROER4D project.

The Open Education Research Hub team wrote the Open Research course at P2PU’s School of Open.  The facilitated version of the course is now archived but researchers may still be interested in reviewing the course activities to gain better insights into the role of openness in research. The course also exists in ebook form, available at 

The LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog shared this selection of essential guides for researchers and young academics.

If you’re considering open release of research data you might be interested in the OER Research Hub Ethics Manual and the Information Commissioner’s report on best practice for managing risk through anonymisation.

Other interesting links:

OER Research Hub Hypothesis Report

Hewlett Foundation White Paper on OER

Open Education Group publications

Online Courses

During the time that the GO-GN was hosted by the The Open Universiteit Nederland members of the network were asked about training areas that might be useful to them.  The following list was researched to find free online courses appropriate for doctoral training.

Public speaking

Course title: Introduction to public speaking

Mode: Self paced


Academic writing

Course title: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing in English for University Study

Mode: starts 19 January 2015


Course title: Principles of Written English, Part 1

Mode: Self paced


Course title: Principles of Written English, Part 2

Mode: starts 15 February 2015


Course title: Writing in the Sciences

Mode: resources available after registration


Review: from Francisco Iniesto: I took last 2014 fall semester “Writing in the Sciences” I found it very interesting even it is focused in Medicine, quality of educational resources is very good.

Research methods

Course title: Empirical Research Methods

Mode: Self paced


Course title: Solid Science: Research Methods

Mode: starts 31 August 2015


The video lectures are already available (

This course is part of a so-called specialization track: Become a Social Scientist: Methods and Statistics. The courses in this track are on


Course title: Statistical Learning

Mode: starts 19 January 2015


Course title: Statistics in Education for Mere Mortals

Mode: starts 9 February 2015


Charting in Excel

Course title: How to create a basic chart in Excel 2010

Mode: Self paced


Numerous Youtube videos on this topic: see e.g. (for Excel 2010)


Course title: OpenKnowledge Changing the Global Course of Learning

Mode: resources available after registration


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