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GO-GN Conceptual Frameworks Guide

We are pleased to announce the publication of our Conceptual Frameworks Guide, a sister volume to the Research Methods Handbook from last year.

This collaboratively written book brings together insights from a range of researchers into their use of conceptual frameworks in studying open education. Also included is an overview of different approaches to understanding the role(s) of theories and conceptual frameworks in doctoral research. In addition to discussing the different ways that conceptual frameworks are used we provide a (selective) overview of a range of conceptual frameworks and examples of their use. The GO-GN Conceptual Frameworks Guide is intended for those working in doctoral research but accessible enough to be used by anyone interested in carrying out a research project.

We are very grateful to the GO-GN members who contributed time and energy to writing and editing the Guide; and glad to be able to draw on the artistic services of Bryan Mathers (visualthinkery) again!

Feel free to share the Guide, which is published under a CC BY attribution licence.

Suggested citation: Farrow, R., Iniesto, F., Weller, M., Pitt., R., Algers, A., Baas, M., Bozkurt, A., Cox, G., Czerwonogora, A., Elias, T., Essmiller, K., Funk, J., Lambert, S., Mittelmeier, J., Nagashima, T., Rabin, E., Rets, I., Spica, E., Vladimirschi, V. & Witthaus, G. (2021). GO-GN Guide to Conceptual Frameworks. Open Education Research Hub. The Open University, UK. CC-BY 4.0.