Research Review 2022

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest Research Review! Our review series offers critical persepctives on recent research in open education. The reviews are written by GO-GN network members who are actively researching open education.

Covered in this collection are papers and research outputs on the themes of accessibility, open educational practices, OER implementation and impact, open pedagogy, MOOCs, quality, technology and infrastructure.

You can download the Review

here or browse it directly below. Previous editions of the Research Review can be found among our project outputs.


Suggested citation: Farrow, R., Baas, M., Cardoso, P., Cox, G., Czerwonogora, A., DeWaard, H., Essmiller, K., Helton, E., Huth, K., Iniesto, F., Johnson, K. R., Peramunugamage, A., Pitt, R., Sousa, L., Vizgirda, V. and Weller, M. (2022). GO-GN Research Review 2022. Global OER Graduate Network.