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GO-GN fellowship programme is open for submissions!

We are glad to announce that we ‘ve designed a fellowship scheme to support GO-GN alumni and members in the last steps of their PhD. Benefits include a financial award of £1500, fellows will be listed on the GO-GN website and their fellowship work promoted and recognised in several ways. Fellowships can be based around a specific piece of relevant research. You may also attend conferences for the promotion of the network using the financial award given (although this may be limited considering the current restrictions). You will receive GO-GN support to organise regional online seminars for the same purpose.  

Activities fellows may take up include: 

  • Undertake a piece of targeted OER/OEP related research 
  • Overview of OER activity in a region 
  • Strategic events identification 
  • Fostering connections to other networks 
  • Promotion of GO-GN at face to face conferences and online events 
  • New GO-GN members recruitment 
  • Follow and promote GO-GN – DEI recommendations and commitments. 
  • Provide a specific contribution to planned outputs 

Expectations of outputs include: 

  • Regular reports back to the Network.
  • Three blog inputs in the GO-GN website 
  • Production of an output review report at the end of the fellowship.   

At least one of the fellowships is ringfenced for Global South applicants, in that case a regional review report will be the focus as output.

We ‘re glad to let you know we ‘re launching the application form for the first three fellowships. Deadline for submission is before August 28, 2020. If shortlisted, you will be contacted for a short interview early September. Fellowships are expected to last from September 2020 until March 2021.  

Please contact us if you want to discuss a potential proposal!

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