Michael Paskevicius: The goal of this project is to identify and develop a framework for digital literacies in relation to open access resources, open copyright models, networked learning environments, and open educational resources. I would like to build upon the technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) framework extending the existing model, which identifies the three types of knowledge educators need to combine for successful educational technology integration, and consider this in the context of open educational practices. For example, what specific pedagogical knowledge is needed in the context of openness, what technological knowledge is needed, and so on? As well, it may be necessary to identify new facets of the model to take into account networked technologies, social networks, and learning design repositories.  

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Viviane Vladimirschi: My fellowship idea is to investigate if basic public education teachers who were enrolled in and took a forty-hour Open Online Course on OER offered by the Federal University of Santa Maria, did engage, if at all, and in which ways with OER and OEPs in their emergency remote classes or during their face-to-face classes during this pandemic period.   The Federal University of Santa Maria is located in the Southern region of Brazil. The course began to be offered in 2016 and is still offered today.

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  1. Use of OER and OEP by Brazilian Public School Teachers during the Pandemic: Preliminary Findings and Future Plans

Catherine Cronin: My current research involves widening the lens to consider the broader purpose of higher education, i.e. furthering public good and the wellbeing of all.  This fellowship will support research which is currently in its very early stages, i.e. exploring potential applications of OER and OEP beyond the formal curriculum and beyond mainstream teaching and learning activities. This research will explore sharing/applying open education expertise, capabilities and resources with community-focused initiatives in higher education.  I am currently engaging with a range of community-focused initiatives at different higher education institutions in Ireland to understand their needs and challenges, and the potential of open resources and/or practices to address these.  

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