We are happy to invite nominations for the 2018 GO-GN Awards for Best Open Education Research Paper and Best Open Research Practice.

To be eligible to receive the Award for Best Open Education Research Paper you must be:

(1) a PhD student member or alumni of GO-GN, and

(2) either a single author, co-author with other student member(s), or lead author in a publication that includes your supervisors.

Manuscripts to be considered must:

(1) present a significant and original research perspective in any field of open education, and

(2) have been published after January 2016 either in an open access journal or in such a way that the final version (and not a pre-print) is available to read by everyone and anyone without any kind of restrictions.


The call for Best Open Research Practice Award is open to all members of GO-GN and will recognise creativity and innovation in open research practices. Entries in this category must include:

(1) an explanation of why it is considered an open research practice, and

(2) an explanation of why it is considered creative and innovative practice.

The recipients of the 2018 GO-GN Awards for Best Open Education Paper and Best Open Research Practice will receive the total amount of £1000* in each category.

All entries will be judged by an independent panel of expert researchers in open education.

Entries are limited to one per GO-GN member in each category.

Deadline for submissions closes at 12.00 pm (GMT) on January 31st, 2018.

Winners will be announced at OEGlobal 18 in Delft.

Submit your entries by sending an email to GO-GN [at] 

If you are not a member of GO-GN, consider getting involved.


*or equivalent in local currency or vouchers


Featured image: Simply the Best by Ray Larabie, CC BY 2.0


  • Catherine Cronin

    Thanks for the reminders, all! This seemed very far away when first announced… and now it’s January 🙂 Can I just clarify that it is simply an email entry, i.e. no specific form or format requirements?

    Many thanks!

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