GO-GN Picture Book


Nerantzi, Chrissi; Pulker, Helene; Bentley, Penny; Corti, Paola; Roberts, Verena; Fransman, Gino; Frank, Odysseas; Mathers, Bryan

About the story

This picture book is for young children and adults alike. It can be read and explored together. The story is about three friends who went on an adventure down the river to build a playground. On their way they meet other animals who seem to put obstacles in their way. Read the story to discover what happens next.

About the project

The story was written and illustrated by a group of individuals from different parts of the world who worked together online over 6 months. They also had the help of many other educators from around the world who  generously contributed their ideas and the characters of the story also originate from their contributions. All committed to creating a socially just world where education is available to all. Values such as sharing, collaborating and helping others are central to this mission of what is called open education and will help towards achieving the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goal 4, “Quality Education for All” 

Some may recognise other stories and fairytales in this story. The illustrations are a remix of details of exhibits from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, available under CC0 and new illustrations. This project was enabled and supported by a Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN) Fellowship in 2020. We are grateful to the wider open education community and the GOGN team for their valuable support and critical feedback during the making of this book. 

Together by the GO-GN picture book team is  licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. This license enables you to copy, redistribute this book in any medium or format and remix, transform, and build upon for non-commercial purposes.All you need to do is add the attribution and link back to the original work. 

The GO-GN picture book is available in the following formats:

You can edit the book by your own with the following template and licensed illustrations:

If you want to edit online your own version of the book you can use the Doodlefan (with a demostration on how to use it). Any queries to the GO-GN Picture Book team: Please get in touch!.

You can watch the “The joys of open collaboration, stories from the GO-GN picture book team” presentation at OER21xDomains conference: