Webinar- Professional Development Guidelines for OER: A Case Study of Brazilian Fundamental Education Public School Teachers

For the next webinar, we are delighted to host GO-GN alumnus, Dr Viviane Vladimirschi as the next speaker. Viviane is a proud and active GOGN Brazilian alumni. Since 2002, she owns and runs E- connection, a company based in São Paulo, Brazil that renders instructional design, consulting, project management and training services for institutions all over the country that wish to implement distance education, blended learning, mobile learning and open educational practices. In this webinar Viviane will share some of her doctoral research hurdles, how she overcame these hurdles and the case study methodology and other methods and framework she used to undertake an intervention in a Brazilian fundamental education public school. Join us on Wednesday 6th February, 4pm GMT, if you can.

Viviane has written a brief background to her talk, as follows:

The case study comprised the development and delivery of a face-to-face OER (Open Educational Resources) professional development program (ODP). The main goal of the program was to raise awareness and build teachers’ knowledge regarding OER adoption and use. For the ODP, the design thinking approach was used to deliver four workshops. The design thinking approach enabled the researcher to see problems and challenges through the eyes of participants. To assess learning outcomes post-ODP, focus groups were conducted. Viviane’s study proposes a set of evidence-based OER guidelines for stakeholders who wish to promote the adoption and use of OER in the Brazilian public fundamental education system.

During this presentation, Viviane will share and discuss these findings with participants highlighting how this study contributes to Brazilian K-12 education, where there has been little, if any, empirical research on teachers’ use of OER particularly in the K-12 public school sector.  There are a number of advantages to using a case study methodology, and the knowledge and insights gained throughout this study can be of particular interest to policymakers, teacher educators, educators and other researchers in different contexts and countries that face similar challenges in terms of OER adoption and use. How helpful are case studies to other researchers? What are the weaknesses and strengths of using case study methodology to generate theory that subsequently translates into practice?

Currently, Viviane is working as a distance education consultant and instructional designer for a large consulting company located in São Paulo, Brazil. If you would like to find out more about Viviane, please visit her blog at https://ds4oervladimirschi.wordpress.com  or her linkedin profile.

The webinar took place on Wednesday 6th February 2018, 4pm GMT.

Martin Weller

I am the Director of the GO-GN project, based at the Open University.

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