Webinar: Rajiv Jhangiani

A graphic record of Rajiv’s keynote address at the 2015 Open Textbook Summit

We’re pleased to announce that the next webinar in our ‘first-Wednesday-of-the-month’ will be given by Rajiv Jhangiani, a prominent researcher and advocate of OER.  Rajiv is a psychologist who has particular interests around conflict resolution and political psychology.  Since 2013 he has been involved in OER advocacy at a range of institutions across Canada including Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia (where he a faculty member).  As both an extensively published researcher in open education and an advocate for OER, Rajiv is well-placed to talk about the challenges of doing research in this area, and how research activities can link through to successful advocacy and institutional change.

He writes:

For this session I plan to briefly review two recent studies: the first is an open textbook efficacy study (the first in the Canadian higher ed context) while the second is a survey of students enrolled in courses that have adopted OER (their perceptions and experiences and the impact of textbook costs on their educational choices). I will also outline two other studies that I am about to launch (and for which I would be delighted to receive feedback from the group). The first is a survey of faculty non-users of OER (aimed at revealing how they select educational resources, their knowledge and perceptions of OER, and any barriers to adoption they face) while the second is an interview-based qualitative study of faculty OER adopters to obtain a more in-depth understanding of their experiences and perceptions. Finally, I will also share a few ideas about where I think open ed research needs to go from here.


To join the webinar on July 6th at 16.00 GMT / 11.00 EST / 08.00 PST, follow this link: https://gognoer.clickwebinar.com/1stwedsofmonth-rajiv

Catch the recording at https://youtu.be/47s0JbZFbqU


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