Webinar: There is life after the PhD! At least for a phenomenographer…

For the next webinar, we are delighted to host our very own Dr Chrissi Nerantzi as the next speaker. Many of you will know Chrissi, she has been one of our most active and enthusiastic GO-GN scholars. She is a model of open practice, and was the recipient of the first GO-GN award for open practice. Her talk is bound to be of interest to all those in the GO-GN network and beyond. Join us on Thursday, October 4th at 19.00 BST, if you can.

Chrissi has written a brief background to her talk, as follows:

There is life after the PhD! At least for a phenomenographer…

In this webinar Chrissi will share with us her doctoral research milestones, the discoveries she made along the way in the area of cross-institutional academic development and collaborative open learning and where these are leading her now in the world of academic development and supporting colleagues developing in the open. Phenomenography, is a methodology developed especially for higher education research. It is a methodology that calls for action. It was the methodology used in this study. Where are the tensions and the opportunities for institutions, academic developers, academics and students? Join Chrissi in this webinar, to discuss and debate. You are all warmly invited.

Chrissi Nerantzi (@chrissinerantzi) is a proud GOGN alumni and Principal Lecturer in Academic CPD in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is an open practitioner and researcher with an interest in open, creative and collaborative pedagogies. In her doctoral study she used phenomenography to develop an empirical collaborative open learning framework in cross-institutional academic development. Chrissi has founded with many others a wide range of practitioner driven cross-institutional academic development initiatives for academics nationally and internationally. Through these, she proposes and experiments with  alternative, more democratic and distributed models of academic CPD. The first one, she organised,  in 2010 was used to connect PgCert students in Academic Practice/Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at different UK institutions to discuss assessment and feedback in facilitated Problem-Based Learning groups (see https://onlinepbl.wordpress.com/). Among the open cross-institutional initiatives that followed are the TLC webinars  (https://tlcwebinars.wordpress.com/), FDOL (https://fdol.wordpress.com/), BYOD4L (https://byod4learning.wordpress.com/), LTHEchat (https://lthechat.com/), FOS (https://foslearning.wordpress.com) and #creativeHE (https://plus.google.com/communities/110898703741307769041).

Chrissi is a National Teaching Fellow 2015 by the HEA, was the ALT Learning Technologist of the Year in 2017 and won the GOGN Best Open Research Practice earlier this year. To find out more about Chrissi, if you want to, please visit her blog at https://chrissinerantzi.wordpress.com/

The webinar took place on Thursday 4th October 2018. A recording is below, or on our YouTube channel:

Martin Weller

I am the Director of the GO-GN project, based at the Open University.

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