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Webinar conversation: best places to publish our Open Ed research?

Join this webinar conversation and find out from peers and well published experts how they rate the various publishing avenues.

Webinar conversation: June 1st, 10 am London, 7 pm Melbourne (Australia)

Recording available at

Hi GO-GNers! At the March GO-GN workshops in Cape Town, I committed to running a series of webinars just so we could keep the wonderful collegial conversations going. We did a small pilot web-chat using Google hangouts last month, and now we step it up with an invitation to you all to join a larger facilitated chat.

There will be no formal presentation, the idea is for conversation. So after we’ve introduced ourselves and mentioned the key journals we keep track of, we’ll get some feedback from Dr Carina Bossu, (University of Tasmania, Australia, and ASCILTE Fellow) and Prof. Martin Weller (Open University UK.)

The conversation will respond to participants’ interests but here are some questions to frame the conversation:

  • What journals do you read to stay informed and which ones are you considering getting published in?
  • How do you balance citation rates vs the need to publish openly?
  • Are you ed-tech focussed or do you read general Higher Education Research journals or Critical Social Science publications?
  • What about inter-disciplinary research – do you see an interest in Open Ed (or at least open and free technologies) in the disciplinary journals you read?

I hope to “hear” you there. If you have any suggestions for the topic of the next conversation, feel free to comment below or email me at I hope we can record the session, and maybe there might be a volunteer from the group to (hint hint!) write a little summary for the blog and /or maybe a list of all the journals we raised as options?

Sarah Lambert

PhD thesis "Open Education as Social Justice" (2019). Interested in interdisciplinary theory, methods, mentoring, systematic reviews. Widening HE participation practitioner.


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