Webinar: The Open Research Agenda

This month’s webinar will focus on results from an ongoing consultation exercise being held by OER Hub this year to gather information and perspectives on priorities in open education research.  GO-GN members present in Krakow, Poland last month for Open Education Global 2016 may have attended the inaugural workshop, which presented some of the results of online consultation that has been happening since February.

The Open Research Agenda is based on a simple online form which collects simple data along with open text about perceived research priorities.  The results are then presented to a particular group and used to spur further thoughts around the issues raised.  These seminars then also feed into the consultation, becoming part of the dataset and part of the story.  So far the materials have been presented at OE Global and OER16.  Later this year it will also be presented at the CALRG annual conference and at Open Education 2016.

In this seminar we will present existing findings and encourage contributions and criticisms.

The meeting will take place at 1600 (British Summer Time / GMT +1) on Wednesday 1st June 2016.  To join the meeting, follow this link:


If you are reading this you are also encouraged to complete the consultation form and add your perspective to the future research agenda.

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