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GO-GN Mini-Seminar: Comms Special (20 April 2021)

We’re delighted to announce details of our upcoming pre-OER21 mini-seminar! Join us on 20 April for a day of exploring different ways to communicate your research, from creating visuals to honing your communication skills to finding out what’s involved in Wikipedia editing… we’ve got you covered!

We start the day with Bryan Mathers, founder of Visual Thinkery, for an exploration of different ways to visualise your research. Bryan is the creator of our fabulous GO-GN penguin and other awesome visuals so if you’re interested in finding out more, getting creative and developing engaging images, then this is the session for you!

Later we’re thrilled to have both Kelsey Howe of GMMB and Jami Mathewson of WikiEducation join us. Taking a deep dive into OER communication strategies Kelsey will explore how you can improve the way you communicate both your doctoral research and develop messaging around open education topics. Ahead of our forthcoming GO-GN Wikipedia training, we’ll then take a closer look at what’s involved with a taster session and the opportunity to chat with Jami about this exciting opportunity.

Read on for more details and how to get involved…

Visualise your PhD Workshop (10:00-12:30BST)

The aim of this workshop is to help you think differently about creating visual content to improve engagement with your research’s audience. We’ll explore how to bring communication to life, by making it more visually appealing. We’ll touch on some methods from the world of Design Thinking, Cartoons and Comics.

Bryan will guide us through the process of using simple lo-fi techniques with the aim of inspiring participants to try out some new approaches in their own practice.

An openness to giving things a try.
A paper and pen/pencil
A bit of brainpower to reflect on what we explore together.

Not required:
A fancy degree in Graphic Design / Fine Art / Communications…

Book a place for the Visualise your PhD workshop.

Become a GO-GN Wiki Scholar + OER Communications Strategy Session (14.00-16.00BST)

We’re thrilled to have both Jami and Kelsey join us for Part II of our OER21 seminar special.

Interested in what strategies you could use to improve how you communicate your doctoral research? Advocating for OER but not sure how to get started? Want to develop some clear messaging around your research? From 14.00-15.00BST Kelsey, from communication specialists GMMB, will be exploring ways you can improve your communications and answering your questions.

We are especially keen to hear your communication challenges and questions, as these will help shape the session. Please email any ideas to the team by Friday 9 April and we will pass these to Kelsey.

At 15.00BST we’re delighted to have Jami from WikiEducation with us for a taster of what’s involved in Wikipedia editing. Interested in our forthcoming GO-GN Wikipedia training? Not sure what might be involved? Curious about Wikipedia? We’ve got you covered and there’ll be plenty of time to chat with Jami about this exciting opportunity.

Join the GO-GN Wiki Scholar + OER Communications Strategy Session via ClickMeeting.

Image credits: All GO-GN licensed CC BY 4.0 except oer_logo_EN_1 by Breno Trautwein licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

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