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Next week marks the 8th GO-GN seminar, this time being held in the fair city of Galway. We usually host the GO-GN seminar to precede the OEGlobal conference, but this year they have shifted that conference to November, so we looked around for a spring based OER conference. Where, oh, where could we find one? Oh, look, it’s OER19! There is one in our back yard, hosted by the fabulous Association for Learning Technology (as President, I can confirm their fabulousness) and co-chaired by the also fabulous Laura Czerniewicz and GO-GN alumni Catherine Cronin. An ideal fit!

The GO-GN seminar will take place on Sunday and Monday, with the researchers who have been invited. This is an intensive two day workshop where they present their research and receive feedback and we run sessions on open practice and “how to survive your PhD”. We give them a day to get their breath back, and then it’s into the conference.

Presentations from GO-GNers are sprinkled like glitter throughout the programme. I think it’s fair to say that GO-GN is not under-represented at the conference. Look out for tweets and blog posts from the conference. Here are the presentations I have spotted, apologies if I’ve missed any:


Open for whom? Thinking about diversity, equity and inclusiveness in open communities [O-119]Authors: Bea de los Arcos, and Judith Pete

Working with OEP in In Northern Australian Aboriginal Knowledge Systems [O-025]Authors: Johanna FunkType: Research presentation (20mins)

Questioning Openness: Perspectives from MOOC designers located in South Africa and the USA [O-140]Authors: Taskeen AdamType: Research presentation (20mins)

Bringing OER in from the periphery: a Grounded Theory on OER adoption in Latin American Universities [O-150]Authors: Virginia RodésType: Research presentation (20mins)

Enacting the Value of Openness by Sharing. [O-043]Authors: Helen Crump Type: Research presentation (20mins)

The use of Realist Social theory to shed light on student’s agency/lack of in open educational practices. [O-159]Authors: Caroline KuhnType: Research presentation (20mins)

Digital open textbooks for development: Promoting social justice in South African higher education [O-064]Authors: Glenda CoxCheryl Hodgkinson-WilliamsMichelle Willmers, and Bianca MasukuType: Reflective practice presentation (20mins)

Fostering Openness in Education: considerations for sustainable policy making [O-037] Authors: Javiera AtenasLeo HavemannCristina Stefanelli, and Fabio Nascimbeni Type: Workshops and panels (60mins)

Towards Open Pedagogy: A Phenomenological Study of Open Education Practitioners [O-022]Authors: Michael PaskeviciusType: Research presentation (20mins)

Open education as social-justice: a writing workshop [O-032] Authors: Sarah Lambert, and Laura Czerniewicz Type: Workshops and panels (60mins)

My Story: A Found Poem Reflecting the Voice of Women Studying in Open Education Programs in Turkey [O-012] Authors: Aras BozkurtSuzan Koseoglu, and Jeffrey M Keefer Type: Alt-format (7 mins)

Keynote Panel: Taskeen Adam, Caroline Kuhn and Judith Pete Authors: Taskeen AdamCaroline Kuhn, and Judith Pete

Who are we missing? Closed-open communities. [O-039] Authors: Una Daly, and Jenni Hayman Type: Open spaces (30mins)

Shaping Open Practice: OER Research Impact for Research Excellence Framework (2021) [O-117]Authors: Robert FarrowRebecca Pitt, and Martin WellerType: Reflective practice presentation (20mins)

Investigation into adaptation of OER for synchronous online language teaching [O-051] Authors: Hélène Pulker Type: Research presentation (20mins)


Crowdsourcing the Untextbook [O-102]Authors: Michelle HarrisonTannis MorganIrwin Devries, and Michael PaskeviciusType: Open spaces (30mins)

Rejuvenating Open Education through Open Educational Practices [O-112]Authors: Michael DabrowskiType: Reflective practice presentation (20mins)

Recentering open for those at the margins: three lenses on lurking [O-146]Authors: Caroline KuhnLeo HavemannSuzan KoseogluAras Bozkurt, and Sue WatlingType: Workshops and panels (60mins)

Open practice: a journey towards equitable development [O-128]Authors: Beck Pitt, and Tim SealType: Reflective practice presentation (20mins)

CLICK AND CONNECT: nurturing the potential and potency of participation through the development of critical digital and network literacies in repositories of Open Educational Resources [O-087]Authors: Virginia PowerType: Research presentation (20mins)

Course development by higher education partners of the OERu: Case studies using Davis’ Arena of change with technology in education [O-104]Authors: Danielle DubienCheryl BrownNiki Davis, and Annelies KampType: Research presentation (20mins)

Do governmental Open Educational Resources (OER) policies lead to sustainability of Open Education initiatives? [O-042]Authors: Igor LeskoType: Research presentation (20mins)

They’re Not Going to Give it to You [O-138]Authors: Liz Johnston Drew, and Leo HavemannType: Alt-format (7 mins)

(Re-)imagining an international open education conference and planning to make it happen [O-171]Authors: Paola Corti, and Chrissi NerantziType: Alt-format (7 mins)

Professional Development Guidelines for OER: A Case Study of Brazilian Fundamental Education Public School Teachers [O-010]Authors: Viviane VladimirschiType: Research presentation (20mins)

Online Open Education and Social Justice: progress for regional, multi-lingual, and female learners [O-033]Authors: Sarah LambertType: Research presentation (20mins)

Open Education as a Real Utopia [O-089]Authors: Jamison MillerType: Research presentation (20mins)

Connecting practices: Education as part of UCL’s open agenda [O-069]Authors: Claudia YogeswaranClive YoungJune Hedges, and Leo HavemannType: Reflective practice presentation (20mins)

Sharing a Pragmatic Networked Model for Open Pedagogy: The Open Hub Model of Knowledge Generation in Higher Education Environments [O-019]Authors: Lee Graham, and Verena RobertsType: Reflective practice presentation (20mins)

Big Learning at Gäwa [O-024]Authors: Johanna Funk, and Kathy Guthadjaka (Gotha)Type: Alt-format (7 mins)

Closing plenary: Reflections from OER19Authors: Laura Czerniewicz, and Catherine Cronin

Martin Weller

I am the Director of the GO-GN project, based at the Open University.

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