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GO-GN at OE Global 2023

We’re thrilled to be heading to Edmonton, Canada for our 10th anniversary workshop and to participate in Open Education Global 2023, as a partner for this year’s conference. More than 20 GO-GN members and alumni are presenting across the conference from 16-18 October 2023.

Want to ensure you don’t miss a presentation from our fantastic members, alumni and team? Check out our handy guide to the conference! And of course, you can review the entire programme over on the OE Global website.

All times are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) unless otherwise stated. All GO-GN alumni and members are highlighted in bold.

Monday 16 October

11.00-11.30 Open is an Invitation: Educator Awareness and Practice of Open Education Five Years Post-Dissertation (Jenni Hayman) Salon 17/18

11.15-11.30 A systematic review of literature on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in open education: implications for future research (Francisco Iniesto and Carina Bossu) Salon 13/14

13.00-14.00 Engaging Students with Open Pedagogy in the Age of AI (60 minute panel) (Terry Greene, Maha Bali, Verena Roberts, Yang Wu and Steel Wagstaff) Salon 4

13.00-13.30 From openness to opportunity? Strategical approaches to OERs uptake and use from business (Paz Díez-Arcón, Rob Farrow, Juliane Granly and Davor Orlic) Salon 6

13.00-13.15 Engagement Based Grading, OER and UDL to Humanize the the asynchronous learning experience in Higher Education (Lucas Johnson) Salon 13/14

13.15-13.30 OER and Facilitating a Knowledge Partnership: A systematic review of the use of OER in low- and middle-income countries (Bethany Eldridge) Salon 13/14

13.00-13.30 Investigating the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and or Open Educational Practices (OEPs) by public basic education teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic – findings from a Brazilian case study (Viviane Vladimirschi) Salon 15/16

13.30-13.45 Open Practices as Scholarly and Creative Work (Kathy Essmiller) Salon 13/14

13.30-14.00 Opening educational practices through policy collaboration (Leo Havemann, Paola Corti, Chrissi Nerantzi, Antonio Martínez-Arboleda and Javiera Atenas) Salon 15/16

14.00-14.30 Looking back and looking forward: Member and community reflections on the 10th anniversary of The Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN) (Beck Pitt, Robert Farrow, Martin Weller and Carina Bossu) Salon 13/14

15.30-16.00 Researching Open Education openly and equitably: Capacity building strategies from the Cases on Open Learning (COOL) project in South Africa (Shanali Govender, Tabisa Mayisela and Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams) Salon 15/16

15.45-16.00 EduAR: A Validated Augmented Reality Resource Repository for STEAM Education (Davis Velarde-Camaqui, Yéssica Betzabe Contreras Fuentas and Rosario Celaya Ramiez) Salon 13/14

16.00-16.15 Enhancing Higher Education with AI: Introducing Educacia.net as an Open Educational Resource (Iris Cristina Pelaez-Sanchez and Davis Velarde-Camaqui) Salon 13/14

16.00-16.30 In search of a path forward: Opening educational practices through ‘educommunication’ and critical media in Canadian teacher education (Helen DeWaard) Salon 17/18

Tuesday 17 October

11.00-12.00 Reinvent the Wheel or Find the Needle? Technology for Addressing Resource Reusability Barriers (Vidminas Vizgirda, Fiona McNeill and Judy Robertson) Action Lab. Salon 4

11.00-11.30 Responsive Teaching as an Open Educational Practice for Developing Graduate Students’ Research Skills (Verena Roberts, Barb Brown, Michele Jacobsen and Christie Hurrell) Salon 17/18

14.00-15.30 Action Lab: Improve reasoning for complexity and self-regulated learning competencies through open simulators (Virginia Rodés, Carolina Alcantar Nieblas, Ernesto Pacheco-Velázquez and Leonardo Glasserman) Salon 4

14.30-15.00 Integrating the SDGs as open co-curricular content (Michael Dabrowski) Salon 6

14.30-15.00 The Siyaphumelela National OER Workstream in South Africa (Gino Fransman, Glenda Cox, Michelle Wilmers, Rassie Louw and Tony Lelliott) Salon 15/16

14.30-15.00 Visiting Fellowships: High value opportunities and career development for precarious academics (Johanna Funk and Nick Baker) Salon 17/18

15.00-15.30 OER UNITWIN NETWORK (Colin De La Higuera, Glenda Cox) Salon 8/10, Braided Sessions

15.45-16.15 The Network of Open Organizations (NOO) – Strengthening and sustaining Open Education through open collaboration across Regions (Igor Lesko, Paola Corti, Paul Stacey, Cable Green, Juliane Granly and Marcela Morales) Salon 8/10 Braided Sessions

15.45-16.15 Simulation for Learning (S4L) Project: Leveraging Technology and Open Education for Competency Development and Industry 4.0 Integration (Virginia Rodés, Ernesto Pacheco Velazquez, Leonardo Glasserman Morales and Carolina Alcantar Nieblas) Salon 15/16

16.15-16.45 The Growing Edges of Primary/Secondary OER and Open Pedagogy Research (Connie Blomgren, Sarah Hammershaimb, Jodi Barber and Michael Paskevicius) Salon 8/10 Braided Sessions

16.15-16.45 Pre-Testing Interview Questions for a Doctoral Dissertation Exploring the Intersection of Open Pedagogy and Social Justice (Melissa Ashman) Salon 12 Braided Sessions

Wednesday 18 October

11.00-11.30 Open Pedagogy: A Driving Force for Meaningful Learning (Michiel De Jong, Ria Jacobi, Marjon Baas and Marijn Post) Salon 15/16

11.30-11.45 Summary of the “Call for Science” Website: Curating Opportunities for Researchers Worldwide (Davis Velarde-Camaqui) Salon 13/14

11.30-12.00 Unveiling the Potential of Open Educational Resources (OER) for Vietnam: Insights from Higher Education Providers (Vi Truong) Salon 5

13.00-13.30 A guide for developing EDI practices in Open Education centred around Africa and Latin America contexts (Carina Bossu and Francisco Iniesto) Salon 13/14

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