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Webinar: Approaches to designing justice-oriented MOOCs, Taskeen Adam

After last month’s seminar spectacular, we return to a conventional webinar for May. I am delighted that Taskeen Adam will be presenting on her recent PhD, looking at Approaches to designing justice-oriented MOOCs. I had the privilege of being one of Taskeen’s examiners and her PhD is one of the most thorough and thought-provoking ones I have read, so I highly recommend attending.

Taskeen Adam is a Cambridge-Africa scholar who has completed her doctoral research at the University of Cambridge. Her PhD is on ‘Addressing Injustices through MOOCs: A study among South African peri-urban youth’. Her journey to this topic started when she, as an engineer, founded Solar Powered Learning, with the idea that technology alone could improve education. Recognising this flawed logic led her to pursue her masters in the Sustainable Implementation of the One Laptop per Child project in Rwanda, alongside pioneering the Mobile Education for Smart Technology project in India, which both focused on the sociological rather than technical aspects of implementation. These projects served to highlight that historical inequalities, cultural imposition, and economic dependence continue to play a pivotal role in education and led the towards her PhD topic that focuses on material, cultural-epistemic and political/geopolitical injustices.

She has provided the following abstract for the webinar: This presentation aims to highlight the factors, decisions and practices that influence the design of justice‑oriented MOOCs through drawing on the broad-ranging challenges raised by marginalised, peri-urban South African youth and the attempts to address injustices by South African MOOC designers. Justice-oriented MOOC are defined as MOOCs that seeks to address material, cultural-epistemic and political/geopolitical injustices, based on the ‘Dimensions of Human Injustice’ framework. A roadmap to designing justice-oriented MOOCs is outlined consisting of 4 decision-making levels: Framing MOOC Production; Conceptualising the MOOC; Situating the MOOC; and Constructing and Implementing the MOOC

The webinar is slightly earlier than usual: Wednesday 6th May, 3-4pm UK Time.

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All welcome, we will as usual put the recording up on the GO-GN YouTube channel.

Martin Weller

I am the Director of the GO-GN project, based at the Open University.

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