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Webinar – Jo Funk: Open for Whom? OEP with North Australian Indigenous Workforce Development

After running individual catch up sessions we return to a conventional webinar for July. I am delighted that Johanna Funk will be presenting on her recent PhD, looking at different concepts of OEP amongst North Australian Indigenous people.

Jo is based at the Charles Darwin University in Australia. As a professional in inner city schools in London, Johanna began to research how best to support the development of marginalised learners within institutional systems. Supporting learners’ skills in a range of contexts led to her interest in how learning systems can function with acknowledgement of diversity. International working life and upbringing informed her interest in how the acknowledgement of learners’ identity can increase rich participation within educational, economic and social contexts.

She has provided the following abstract for the webinar:
This study examined four online resources in multidisciplinary contexts and how they performed as open education practices (OEP). It interrogates the different knowledge practices the resources encourage and how they count towards defining a functionally successful ‘openness’ to learners’ knowledge backgrounds. In culturally distinct situations where knowledge is shared differently, western notions of openness require adapting
The focus of this study is therefore to examine to whom OEP are open. My research questions were: How do we make OEP more functionally successful for diverse learners? What is ‘open’ about these resources and practices? How are OEP used in these contexts? What are successful outcomes for these OEP, who defines this and what matters?
I examined how the resources met three sets of criteria to understand how they acknowledged and represented knowledges. The study developed several principles for OEP guided by three broad theory statements which we can use to continue improving engagement between knowledge systems, cultures and sectors via OEP.

The webinar is slightly earlier than usual: Wednesday 1st July, 12-1pm BST.

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The link is https://gognoer.clickmeeting.com/jofunk

All welcome, we will as usual put the recording up on the GO-GN YouTube channel.

(Image by sandid from Pixabay)

Martin Weller

I am the Director of the GO-GN project, based at the Open University.

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