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GO-GN are co-chairing this year’s UK OER conference, and we’re thrilled that more than 170 delegates from around the world will be joining us in London face-to-face or online!

With over 80 sessions to choose from, there’s something for everyone. You can find the GO-GN team, members and alumni at the following sessions, discussing their research or the work of GO-GN:

Tuesday 26 April 2022 (face-to-face)

11.00-11.30: Teaching environmental awareness  using plants and IoT technologies: an OER approach (session 40) with Bernardo Tabuenca, Alejandro Leo-Ramírez, Juan Arquero-Gallego, Vicente García-Alcántara, Carlos Gilarranz-Casado and Edmundo Tovar.

11.00-11.30: Open in Action: How we support and develop open educational practices (session 54) Jane Secker, Lorna Campbell, Julie Voce, Leo Havemann, Chris Morrison & Catherine Cronin.

12.15-12.45. The OER ecosystem(s) of Tomorrow (session 9). Robert Farrow, Orna Farrell, Ulf-Daniel Ehlers & Stefano Menon.

14.00-15.00. Global OER Graduate Network Showcase (session 57). Rebecca Pitt, Robert Farrow, Francisco Iniesto, Martin Weller, Marjon Baas, Anuradha Peramunugamage, Vidminas Mikučionis, Olawale Iyinolakan & Gabi Witthaus.

14.30-15.00. You Say Tomato, I Also Say Tomato: OER and Retention, Promotion and Tenure (session 87). Kathy Essmiller, Joshua Daniel, Cristina Colquhoun & Holly Reiter.

15.15-15.45. GO-GN: a catalyst to support inclusive and sustainable Open Education (session 53). Francisco Iniesto, Bernardo Tabuenca, Covadonga Rodrigo & Edmundo Tovar.

15.15-15.45. Co-creating a framework for platform governance in open education – policy, data ethics and data protection (session 12). Leo Havemann & Javiera Atenas.

15.45-16.15. Equity, diversity and inclusion in a GO-GN project: Adopting participants’ recommendations (session 30). Carina Bossu & Francisco Iniesto.

16.15-17.00. Closing Plenary: Open TextBook Discussion Panel chaired by Beck Pitt with Lorna Campbell, Gary Elliott-Cirigottis, Jane Secker and Dhara Snowden.

Wednesday 27 April (online pre-recorded)

09.45. Open Lifelong Learning (session 29) Marla Lobley, Kathy Essmiller & Jamie Holmes.

10.00. There must be other fish in the sea! (session 56) Melita Panagiota Sidiropoulou, Chrissi Nerantzi and Eleni Mitsea.

10.30. The Liberated Learner (session 71). Terry Greene, Giulia Forsythe & Dave Cormier.

11.45. Just Knowledge: a community-focused open knowledge project (session 83). Catherine Cronin.

14.20. Refreshing the STEM narrative; OEP in STEM pedagogy for preservice teachers (session 44). Johanna Funk & Janice Crerar.

15.00. Developing a framework for digital literacies in relation to open educational practices (session 61). Michael Paskevicius.

15.20. Open source teaching K-12 curriculums: A case study of using local wild life data to teach science and history aligned with common core curriculum (session 79) Margaret Krone & Sarah Hutton.

15.40. Would You Use Them? A Qualitative Study on Teachers’ Assessments of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education (session 23) Marjon Baas, Roeland van der Rijst, Tjark Huizinga and Wilfried Admiraal.

16.00. Exploring podcasts for developing educational action research and promoting open science and education (session 75) Carla Margenat, Agustina Huertas, Cardozo Angel, Manuel Podetti and Virginia Rodés.

18.00. Graduate Students and OER: Open in Action (session 84) Kennedy Essmiller, Grant Currier, Lisa Wright, Anna Sicari and Kathy Essmiller.

28 April 2022 (live online)

09.00-09.30. Co-creating open picture books for learning, teaching and research in higher education. A wild idea? (session 3) Chrissi Nerantzi & Paola Corti.

09.30-10.00 Institutional Recommendations for Open Textbooks: making the most of technology, curriculum innovation and equity policies (session 10) Sarah Lambert

10.10-10.40. Investigating the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and or Open Educational Practices (OEPs) by public basic education teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic – findings from a Brazilian study (session 50) Viviane Vladimirschi

10.10-10.40. Applying the Capability Approach to Open Educational Practice (session 25) Gabi Witthaus & Catherine Cronin

10.40-11.10. Skills for Prosperity, Kenya: Repurposing OER to deliver a large-scale national professional development training (session 91) Fereshte Goshtasbpour, Beck Pitt, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Cross and
Denise Whitelock.

14.50-15.20. Ready OER Not: Open education in K-12 spaces (session 14). Emily Helton.

14.50-15.20. Mapping the Social Worlds/Arena of Open Education (session 7) Tanya Elias.

16.30-17.00. Reflections of Open Learning Design: Principles & Practices (session 67) Verena Roberts, Leo Havemann and Helen DeWaard.

17.10-17.40. What is Open Scholarship? A Framework for Discussion (session 74) Dave Cormier and Nick Baker.

Haven’t signed up for the conference yet? You can register to participate online up until the conference begins! Just head over to the OER22 website.

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