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Research Review Summer 2020

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first in a series of GO-GN publications!

As part of this phase of GO-GN we’ve been focused on creating opportunities for our researchers to collaborate and to produce outputs that are of relevance and benefit to the network. Our Research Methods Handbook was the first of these and has found an audience, being accessed almost 4,000 times.

For this publication we asked our members to contribute reviews of recent and contemporary papers and journal articles. It can often be challenging to keep up with research in one’s own area; let alone the various related fields which are also likely to be of interest. The idea behind the Research Review is that we can collectively build a critical understanding of recent work in open education which has value to members (and the wider community) and can be a useful resource for researchers entering the field. Writing reviews like this can be a great way to develop academic writing skills, too.

The reviews are organised by the themes of the papers that were reviewed: accessibility; adoption studies; open educational practices (OEP); open pedagogy; open educational resources (OER); and open ecosystems.

Many thanks to all those members who contributed their time to produce this resource! The reviewers were:

Marjon Baas (Leiden University/Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands)
Natasha Chtena (University of California Los Angeles, USA)
Glenda Cox (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
Michael Dabrowski (Athabasca University, Canada)
Helen De Waard (Lakehead University, Canada)
Kathy Essmiller (Oklahoma State University, USA)
Robert Farrow (The Open University, UK)
Paco Iniesto (The Open University, UK)
Caroline Kuhn (Bath Spa University, UK)
Rebecca Pitt (The Open University, UK)
Hélène Pulker (The Open University, UK)
Martin Weller (The Open University, UK)

We expect that the Research Review will be published on a regular schedule so look out for the next edition: Winter 2020…