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Understanding Critical Data Literacy beyond Data Skills Workshop

Join us on Thursday 4 November 2021 at 14.30GMT for an Understanding Critical Data Literacy beyond Data Skills workshop!

We are thrilled to have Dr Javiera Atenas (Suffolk), Leo Havemann (Open), Dr Caroline Kuhn (Bath Spa) and Dr Cristian Timmerman (Ulm) run this fantastic #datapraxis project workshop for GO-GN.

In this session we will be showcasing an OER on critical data literacy developed for our project, Data, Politics and Praxis which seeks to enhance understanding of data as complex, dynamic, and political. We are inspired by the idea of a just, open and participatory society (Buttliglione and Reggi, 2015; Dalton et al.2016; Dencik et al., 2019), where citizens have agency in how data is used and can participate in the society as we are concerned about the ‘data divide’, between those who collect and control data, and those who are simply data points. (Franklin, 1999; Baack, 2015; Gurstein, 2011). 

Our work in grounded in the idea of using data as a mean to develop citizenship and employability  skills, and in the concept of ethic as a method, as in this datafied society, these are core skills to participate in any decision-making process and exercising our rights as citizens and consumers, fostering an open pedagogical approach that embeds tools that allow us to understand and challenge our interactions with data-driven systems and with data in general (Johnson, 2014; Atenas et al. 2015; Baack, 2015; Reggi and Dawes, 2016; Manca et al., 2017; Van Es and Schaffer, 2017; Markham, 2018; Atenas and Havemann, 2019; Atenas et al., 2020; McKiernan and Medina Gómez, 2021; Bhargava et al., 2021).

The OER contains a large number of materials in various formats, including lessons, webinar recording, workshop materials, podcasts and a reflective tool for anyone engaging with the use of this, we aim at engage researchers and practitioners in using the resources provided and in sharing their experiences in using them.

Join the workshop via Zoom on Thursday 4 November at 14.30-16.00GMT. Reserve your place now!

Find out more about the Data Praxis project.

Image credits: All images and project logo from the Data Praxis project website and licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

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