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Open Leadership for the ecosystem of Open Educational Implementation (Tuesday 24 January 2023)

We’re delighted to announce that Professor Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson, winner of the OE Awards for Excellence Leadership Award 2022, will be our first speaker of 2023! Join us on Tuesday 24 January 2023 at 16.00GMT to find out more about Open Leadership for the ecosystem of Open Educational Implementation.


The session will focus on open leadership and open collaboration in the ecosystem of openness in education within the frameworks of human rights, social justice, equality, democracy and well-being. The foundation for the open ecosystem is also the SDGs, the futures of education, the new social contract and sustainability, but also on resilience and agility.


Professor Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson is an independent consultant, expert, influencer, researcher and international quality auditor in the field of open, flexible online and distance education. Her focus areas are quality, innovation, leadership, personalized learning, well-being, the “new normal” in the context of SDG4, the futures of education, and the new social contract. Ossiannilsson collaborates with the European Commission, the Joint Research Center, UNESCO OER Dynamic Coalition, ITCILO, ISO, OE4BW, and ICoBC. She is a member of the board of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE). Since 2018, she has also chaired the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee (OERAC) and has been representant in the ICDE Quality Network. She is Vice President of the Swedish Association for Open, Flexible, and Distance Education, a member of MeetingPlace OER Sweden and the Job and Skills Coalition Sweden. She is also involved in GO-GN. She is a frequent consultant to international and national universities as well as national authorities. Ossiannilsson has been awarded several international grants, awards, championships, and ambassadorial titles, most recently Open Education Global’s Open Leadership Excellence Award in October 2022, and the OERAC was also shortlisted in the Open Collaboration category by Open Education Global in October 2022. Ossiannilsson is regularly invited as a keynote speaker and guest editor of several special issues and serves on the editorial boards of several journals. She has published more than 200 articles.

Session slides are available via Slideshare.

A recording of the session is available on our YouTube channel.

Photo credit: Professor Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson

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