The GO-GN Fellowship scheme has been designed for three years (2020-2022) to foster connections to other networks, promotion of GO-GN at strategic events and incorporating the outputs of the GO-GN Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) project to encourage applications from the Global South. The motivation for this fellowship scheme is to provide formal recognition of members after they have formally finished their doctoral studies to become an alumnus of the Network in the format of a post-doctoral scholarship. The Fellowship scheme which provides visibility and recognition in return for specific contributions to the Network. This presents a means by which alumni can stay involved and share their expertise with the members.

The GO-GN Fellowship scheme builds on what has worked well previously in recruiting researchers but expands upon this, providing a means to keep alumni involved and recognise their input. That provides a way of expanding support and increasing the reputation of the Network. The deployment of the DEI project in parallel allows us to increment the understanding of DEI and reach of the GO-GN Network. The Fellowship scheme is a competitive process open to GO-GN alumni (within three years after completing their doctorate) to apply for, reviewed by a group of experts from the Network as well as the Open University team.

Benefits for members include a financial award. Fellowships can be based around a specific piece of relevant research. With the possibility to attend conferences for the promotion of the network using the financial award given. But always receiving GO-GN support to research advice and organisation regional online seminars.

You can find more information about our amazing fellows:

  • First Cohort (2020) Johanna Funk, Judith Pete, Chrissi Nerantzi and Virginia Rodes
  • Second Cohort (2021) Sarah Lambert and Verena Roberts
  • Third Cohort (2022) Michael Paskevicius, Viviane Vladimirschi and Catherine Cronin