Second cohort GO-GN Fellows

Sarah Lambert: I would like to do a targeted piece of research about OER awareness and acceptance with the Business discipline, with a project at its core to plan a revision of one of the OpenStacks Business foundations texts following the Open Stacks DEI principles. One of the outcomes of the Australian Open Textbook as Social Justice project was the identification of different types of uptakes in different disciplines, Business has huge student enrolments but is not generally open to open textbooks. Individual academics with personal interest felt worn down by conservative colleagues – they wanted a more visible group effort on OER texts before they’d stick their necks out. Improvements in that area are increasing use of OER would impact a high number of students. They also are needing a pretty big uplift in removing gender inequality from curriculum and teaching culture so focussing on revising a business text to remediate sexism in the lack of female examples seems timely.

Read Sarah’s blogs post about her project at:

  1. Fellowship 2021: a diversified foundational open Accounting textbook for the Australian context
  2. Can blogging support Open Education advocacy?
  3. Equity, Inclusion and Australian Open Educational Practices

Verena Roberts: My fellowship idea is to develop and expand upon the OLDI Framework (from my EdD research) by   1) starting a collection of all current and past open education podcasts, 2) collecting open resources that describe the podcasting process and;   3) creating our own OEP podcast series. Podcasts can represent a more accessible, equitable and multi-literacy focused OER option for all learners. For example, the collection of the podcasts could include the Multiplying K12 OER podcasts, the Terry Green – Gettin’Air podcast, The Collection of podcasts created for the 25 Years of EdTech and any other OEP/OER podcast specific content in ANY language. The collection would include resources on how to make and record podcasts and any CC licensing metadata and steps that need to be considered for any learning environments (K-12 – Higher Education).  In addition to curating the open podcast collection and resources, I want to start a new podcast series that amplifies student experiences of OEP and its impact in their lives.

Read Verena’s blog posts about her project at:

  1. Surveying the Open Podcast Landscape and Finding our Niche: Blog #1 for the Open Podcasting Project.
  2. Finding Our Open Podcasting Voices: Blog #2-A for the Open Podcasting Project.
  3. The Process of creating a podcast, don’t make the same mistakes I did: Blog #2-B for the Open Podcasting Project.
  4. Introducing the “Into the Open” Podcast Series.

Into de Open Podcast Series is available from Thomson Rivers University TRUSpace

You can find more information about the second cohort and the presentation of their research proposals at the “fellows research special sessions” where the first cohort were part as a discussion panel:

You can see the presentation of their results at OEGlobal conference: