We are happy to invite nominations for the 2018 GO-GN Awards for Best Open Education Research Paper and Best Open Research Practice. To be eligible to receive the Award for Best Open Education Research Paper you must be: (1) a PhD student member or alumni of GO-GN, and (2) either a single author, co-author with… Read more »

Hear from our researchers

Interested in finding out more about GO-GN Global OER Graduate Network? Watch to hear more from members about what the network aims to achieve and the positive impact participation has had on their own PhD research in open education.   GO-GN PhD researchers are spread all over the world. Check this map to find out… Read more »

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About GO-GN The Global OER Graduate network is a global network of PhD students involved in projects, policy development and implementation strategies on open educational resources (OER).  At the core of the network are doctoral students whose research projects include a focus on openness in education through, for example, OER, MOOC, open data, open licensing and… Read more »

  • Webinar: Barriers to OER in Indian Higher Education

    Next in our series of #FirstWednesdayofEveryMonth webinars, we host Dr Sanjaya Mishra, Education Specialist: eLearning at the Commonwealth of Learning (COL). Dr Mishra has recently published Promoting Use and Contribution of Open Educational Resources, and will be presenting some of his research in the context of HE in India. Abstract In order to mainstream adoption of open… Read more »

  • Open Ed publishing: ideas shared

    A few weeks ago a bunch of GO-GNer’s braved the time difference and webinar chatted about Open Education publishing opportunities. We all favoured Open Access journals on principle, but also noted that sometimes this means we tend to publish in a somewhat narrow set of journals – so we risk preaching to only the converted…. Read more »

  • Webinar: Opening up education in South Mediterranean countries

    On June 7th GO-GN will host Cristina Stefanelli (Mediterranean Universities Union, Italy), Rania Qazim (Center for Continuing Education, Birzeit University, Palestine), Daniel Villar-Onrubia (Coventry University, UK) and other colleagues to talk about OpenMed, one of the most important initiatives to date to expand the reach of OER and OEP.  Abstract In the South-Mediterranean countries the demand of Higher… Read more »

  • The Cape town conversations in action

    Webinar conversation: best places to publish our Open Ed research?

    Join this webinar conversation and find out from peers and well published experts how they rate the various publishing avenues. Webinar conversation: June 1st, 10 am London, 7 pm Melbourne (Australia) Recording available athttp://go-gn.net/gogn/webinar-conversation-best-places-to-publish-our-open-ed-research/ Hi GO-GNers! At the March GO-GN workshops in Cape Town, I committed to running a series of webinars just so we… Read more »

  • Webinar: Why Open Educational Resources are essential for learning

    You couldn’t possibly welcome the arrival of May (the month, not Theresa) in a better way than joining Prof. Rory McGreal, UNESCO/Commonwealth of Learning Chair in OER at Athabasca University, at our next #firstWednesdayofthemonth webinar. Rory has been a member of GO-GN since its very beginning, and we are grateful that he is happy to share some… Read more »

  • Life after the doctorate: Panel at the 2017 Cape Town seminar

    In the afternoon of our second day at the 2017 GO-GN seminar in Cape Town, our group turned to address the ideas I brought up in my GO-GN blog post last fall about post-PhD careers in open education. I opened the session by refreshing everyone about the post, and then turned to our panel from the OER… Read more »

  • Are we Tuko Pamoja (together) in the need for better ideas synthesis tools?

    What an incredibly productive time I had in Cape Town recently. Thanks so much to organisers and colleagues. It was great to be in such supportive and inspirational company working to improve the quality of ideas in my PhD at both the GO-GN workshops and OEGlobal conference. Tuko Pamoja indeed, I feel refreshed by the collegiality… Read more »

  • Webinar: Academic social networking (or why you shouldn’t delete your Academia.edu account)

    To avoid what would be an unforgivable clash with OER17, we are moving April’s #FirstWednesdayofEveryMonth webinar to Tuesday April 4th! GO-GN researcher Katy Jordan, who was awarded her PhD last November, will share her work on academics’ networks. Academics are under increasing pressure to embed social media and online networking in their scholarly practices, as its use… Read more »

  • https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/93/PSM_V66_D013_Professors_picard_moore_and_maschke_at_the_st_louis_congress.png

    Understanding your PhD as an exam

    One of the cliched things that well-meaning people say to PhD students is that it’s important to remember that the PhD is ultimately an exam with specific criteria for passing.  These criteria are fairly consistent across university systems, but also include quite a lot of subjective judgement.  For instance, who decides whether a contribution is… Read more »

  • Two and a half days in Cape Town

    After Ljubljana and Washington in 2014, Banff in 2015 and Kraków last year, we returned to where the first ever GO-GN seminar took place in 2013. This is the story of two and half days in Cape Town. Once upon a time, it was a very sunny morning when… Good morning Cape Town! #go_gn #oeglobal… Read more »

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