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Interested in finding out more about GO-GN Global OER Graduate Network? Watch to hear more from members about what the network aims to achieve and the positive impact participation has had on their own PhD research in open education.   GO-GN PhD researchers are spread all over the world. Check this map to find out… Read more »

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About GO-GN The Global OER Graduate network is a global network of PhD students involved in projects, policy development and implementation strategies on open educational resources (OER).  At the core of the network are doctoral students whose research projects include a focus on openness in education through, for example, OER, MOOC, open data, open licensing and… Read more »

  • Steps in Becoming an Open Practitioner

    [This post was written by Carina Bossu, Lecturer Learning and Teaching (OEP), University of Tasmania, and first published on ASCILITE’s blog TELall.]   This is my first official blog post, which is exciting and a little scary at the same time. I was invited to contribute to the TELall blog as part of being an ASCILITE Fellow, which is… Read more »

  • Webinar: OER for collaborative learning

    To celebrate December and the last of our #FirstWednesdayofEveryMonth webinars this year, we have asked Prof Rory McGreal to return to our screens, after the technological mishaps of last May. Rory is the UNESCO/Commonwealth of Learning Chairholder in Open Educational Resources, and professor in the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University – Canada’s Open… Read more »

  • Openness and education: a beginner’s guide

    This post was written by Martin Weller. One of the things we’ve noticed as a research team attending different conferences that deal with aspects of ‘Open Education’ is that people come into it from a wide range of backgrounds. It is also quite a broad term, with many different interpretations and perspectives. This can make… Read more »

  • An Unexpected Journey: How A Dissertation Changed a Life

    Every time I’ve asked a colleague from the open education community to share their work and their experience in one of our webinars, their response has always been an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’. We are all grateful for their time, their generosity, their knowledge, their willingness to help others, and so much else. TJ Bliss is no… Read more »

  • Webinar: MOOCs, community orientation and reclaiming the social justice agenda

    At OER17 in London earlier this year Laura Czerniewicz and Sukaina Walji gave a presentation on MOOCs, social justice and openness, and I immediately thought ‘GO-GN folk need to hear this’. Invitation issued and accepted. Our #FirstWednesdayofEveryMonth webinar in October comes with stories of impact from the Global South. MOOCs, community orientation and reclaiming the social… Read more »

  • Looking back…

    Note, this post was first shared via Sue’s blog and Chrissi’s blog Thank you Santanu Vasant (@santanuvasant) for bringing #HEblogswap to life. It is a great way to share and connect experiences among practitioners. Doing something in tandem with Sue Watling (@suewatling) came to my mind as soon as I received the information. Sue’s post can… Read more »

  • Webinar: Teachers’ Experience of Professional Learning through Open Education

    We are back! You barely had a chance to miss your favourite webinar of the month, didn’t you?  On September 6th we resume our #FirstWednesdayofEveryMonth webinar series, and we couldn’t do it more happily than hosting fellow GO-GN member and PhD researcher Penny Bentley. Abstract The Australian Government aims to increase student engagement and achievement… Read more »

  • Webinar: Barriers to OER in Indian Higher Education

    Next in our series of #FirstWednesdayofEveryMonth webinars, we host Dr Sanjaya Mishra, Education Specialist: eLearning at the Commonwealth of Learning (COL). Dr Mishra has recently published Promoting Use and Contribution of Open Educational Resources, and will be presenting some of his research in the context of HE in India. Abstract In order to mainstream adoption of open… Read more »

  • Open Ed publishing: ideas shared

    A few weeks ago a bunch of GO-GNer’s braved the time difference and webinar chatted about Open Education publishing opportunities. We all favoured Open Access journals on principle, but also noted that sometimes this means we tend to publish in a somewhat narrow set of journals – so we risk preaching to only the converted…. Read more »

  • Webinar: Opening up education in South Mediterranean countries

    On June 7th GO-GN will host Cristina Stefanelli (Mediterranean Universities Union, Italy), Rania Qazim (Center for Continuing Education, Birzeit University, Palestine), Daniel Villar-Onrubia (Coventry University, UK) and other colleagues to talk about OpenMed, one of the most important initiatives to date to expand the reach of OER and OEP.  Abstract In the South-Mediterranean countries the demand of Higher… Read more »

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