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Fred Mulder Awards 2021

This year’s Fred Mulder Awards are now open for submissions! The awards recognise and celebrate GO-GN members and alumni’s work in the open education field. We have the two classic categories for submissions: best open education research paper and best open research practice and a new special award for outstanding open Educational practice.

The awards are open to all GO-GN members and alumni. Like last year we will be announcing our winners at our GO-GN end of year online celebration in December. Entries will be judged by an independent expert and the GO-GN team. 

To apply for either of the awards you must be a PhD or EdD candidate and a member of GO-GN, or GO-GN alumni. You can apply once for each category. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 17 November 2021 at 17.00GMT

Celebrations and lots of promotion via our event, blog and social, winners for best open education research paper and best open research practice categories will receive £1000 (or the local currency equivalent or vouchers). Special award for outstanding open Educational practice will be broadly promoted but does not have economic compensation.

If you’d like some inspiration, you can also take a look at previous award winners.

Open Education Research Paper 

This category recognises high quality original research into any area of open education, by a GO-GN member or alumni. To put forward a submission for this category, your paper must: 

  • Name you as a single author, co-author with other student member(s) or have you listed as a lead author in a publication that includes your supervisors. 
  • Have been published within the last 2 years (since October 2019).
  • Be published in an open access journal or have a final version (not a pre-print) available for all to read, without any restriction. 

Open Research Practice 

This category recognises creativity and innovation in open research practices. We invite you to reflect on what open research means to you and share an example of your own practice. This could be collaborative, formal (such as a project or initiative that you play a leading role in), an example of an online pivot or something you do outside of your work or study. To put forward a submission for this category, you will need to include the following details: 

  • Description of the open research practice

Special Award for Outstanding Open Educational Practice

This category recognises those researchers, experts and friends in the area of Open Education that have had a contribution to the field (e.g. you could nominate someone who has supported you during your studies, author of a seminal research paper which has had a particular impact on your work, etc). They can be experts and friends but do not need to belong to the network. This award does not have economic recognition. To put forward a submission for this category, you will need to include the following details:

  •  Description of the candidate contribution

Please submit your nominations for the 2021 Fred Mulder Awards via this form (you don’t have to nominate in every category,  you can nominate to one or more categories as you prefer)