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GO-GN at OER23: Inverness calling!

We’re delighted to be co-chairing OER23 and joining friends and colleagues in Inverness this April!

The OER23 conference features over 80 fantastic sessions and more than 100 presenters. We’re also delighted that GO-GN is well represented in the conference programme, with a total of 16 member and alumni presentations, workshops and a keynote across the conference. Eight alumni and six members will be (co-) presenting. In addition, there will be two team presentations. Prior to the conference, we’re also looking forward to welcoming over fifteen GO-GN’ers from around the world to discuss and share their research as part of our first face-to-face workshop this year.

GO-GN at OER22 in London, UK

To make it easy for you to find our fantastic GO-GN’ers during the conference, we’ve put together a curated list of sessions below. Alumni, members and the team are all marked in bold text.

Wednesday 5 April

10.45 – 11.45 (25 minute presentation)

Skills for Prosperity: Using OER to support nationwide change in Kenya (Fereshte Goshtasbpour, Beck Pitt, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Cross and Denise Whitelock). Room 3

11.50-12.50 (15 minute shorts)

The Cathedral’s Ivory Tower and the Open Education Bazaar – A Sober Look at the 10th Anniversary of the MOOC Revolution (Eyal Rabin) Lecture Theatre

Practical approaches to freeing university material stockpiles (Vidminas Vizgirda, Fiona McNeill and Brian Mitchell) Arts Studio

Missing the impact of open? Perspectives from Scottish STEM lecturers (Lucy Beattie) Arts Studio

14.00-15.00 (25 minute presentations)

Open Educational Practices Create Conditions for Developing Research Skills in Graduate Education (Verena Roberts and Barbara Brown) Lecture Theatre

Considering the Implications and Mechanisms of Scale within Open Education (Tanya Elias) Arts Studio

International Organisations (IOs): International OER agenda and Governmental OER policies (Igor Lesko, Paquita Perez and Herman van den Bosch) Room 2

15.05-16.05 (Workshops) 

Shaping the Knowledge Equity Network (Knowledge Equity Network Team, Antonio Martínez-Arboleda, Chrissi Nerantzi, Nick Sheppard, Stephen Whitfield and Margaret Korosec) Arts Studio

Thursday 6 April

09.30-10.30 (Plenary)

Opening Plenary (Dave Cormier)

10.45-11.45 (15-minute shorts)

Open dialogue about lived experiences in opening the doctorate (Helen DeWaard, Verena Roberts and Leo Havemann) Arts Studio

Higher Education for Good: Criticality, resistance and hope (Catherine Cronin and Laura Czerniewicz) Arts Studio

11.50-12.50 (Wildcard, 25-minute presentations)

Understanding OER, Innovation & Business Models (Robert Farrow) Lecture Theatre

OER and Ethical Learning Analytics (Cristina Colquhoun, Kathy Essmiller and Holly Reiter) Room 2

14.00-15.00 (Parallel sessions, 25-minute presentations)

Talking past each other? Institutional policies and open education (Leo Havemann) Lecture Theatre

The ‘I Poem’: Analyzing qualitative data (Bridget Rebek and Kathy Essmiller) Lecture Theatre

14.00-15.00 (Workshops: Wildcard, 60 minutes)

Why not start with simply chatting about big themes? (Re)designing a podcast episode to ignite deep conversations with students and colleagues using audio and visual language (Paola Corti and Chrissi Nerantzi) Room 2

15.05-16.05 (Parallel Sessions; 25-minute presentations)

Widening engagement in open, online education: a social justice-oriented learning design model (Gabi Witthaus) Lecture Theatre

15.05-16.05 (Online Parallel Sessions; 25-minute presentation)

Inviting multiple voices, perspectives, and the co-creation of open knowledge using a Prototype Untextbook Platform (Michael Paskevicius, Michelle Harrison and Irwin DeVries) Online

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