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PhDOOC in 2023

Please see the following message from PhDOOC for more information on how you can get involved in their MOOC activities which are directed towards the career strateges of doctoral students…

The members of association PHDOOC would like to give you an overview of a fully online, free and open to all MOOC: the “PhD & Career Development” MOOC.    


Coming soon in January 2023: Season 7
Join the adventure! You can take part in this adventure in three different ways: Join our partners to support an initiative that promotes doctoral degrees and the professional development of doctors across all disciplines. We have various types of partnerships available to fit the specific needs and possibilities of your organization: – Expert partnership is ideal if you wish to intervene in the MOOC and/or suggest resources to enrich it,
Funding partnership is the best option if you wish to support the project financially,
Communication partnership is a mutually beneficial partnership, where our association and your organization communicates about each other’s initiatives,
MOOC course and certificate partnership is the most common type of partnership that we establish with Universities, Doctoral Schools and other higher education organizations.

Join our volunteers to contribute to the MOOC and its outreach. You can contribute to our teamwork in different ways, depending on your availability: 1) by becoming a designer-facilitator in order to enrich the content of and facilitate the MOOC, 2) by becoming an e-pathfinder to facilitate and stimulate discussions between participants during the MOOC, 3) by becoming an ambassador to communicate about the association to our higher education partners, or 4) by joining our team as a volunteer to carry out actions within the association. If you are interested in any of these options, please fill in this form and we will come back to you.Join our membership to support the project and stay informed of the association’s news via HelloAsso.The associationThe PhDOOC association’s goal is to support PhD candidates and graduates in their career development, provide them with resources, and foster a sense of community among the MOOC participants so they can get involved in collaborative activities and support each other. This MOOC is the very first of its sort, with its specificity being the co-construction of the course contents by the association’s members, its many volunteers, as well as its partners and the MOOC participants.

The first six seasons of the “PhD & Career Development” MOOC have taken place between 2016 and 2022. We received support from multiple higher education and professional partners along the way. This MOOC project has been extremely successful, as it has gathered 18,000 participants so far. It has received multiple awards: the “Science et société” award by the  French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (2021), the Oriane trophy for numerical innovation for lifelong guidance in the Île de France region (2021), the OPEN MOOC Award from the Open Education Consortium (2019), as well as the PEPS 2017 award, in the “Pedagogical Innovation” category, by the French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.                                                

The success of season 6 encourages us to run the MOOC for the seventh time, starting on January 18, 2023!

We remain open to any other solutions and ideas you may have!

For more information, please consult our website reach out to us. Our brochure and document of MOOC’s presentation are available on demand. We remain at your disposal to discuss and co-construct solutions together. Do not hesitate to share this announcement with people around you!Many thanks for your interest in this project!

Best regards,
The PhDOOC association

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