How to Get Published in a Reputable Journal: Strategies and Advice

For this month’s webinar we’ve asked Dianne Conrad, co-editor of IRRODL, to share her vast wisdom on the art (or is it science?) of getting published.  Dianne’s talk will cover some of the questions that are surely on your young researcher minds: Why publish? How should I start? Where should I publish? What is a predatory journal? How can I ensure that I will be accepted? What if I get rejected? Plus tips and hints, and the best insider advice on the publishing game. This is gonna be a good one. Be there or be square!


Dr. Dianne Conrad has recently retired from her administrative positions at Athabasca University, ending a 33-year career at post-secondary institutions in Canada. In her retirement, she will continue to teach part-time for CDE and engage in project work related to her expertise in adult and distance education, online learning, and prior learning assessment and recognition. Additionally, she serves as co-editor of the International Review of Open and Distributed Education (IRRODL), as a journal reviewer, and as a member of several editorial boards of related national and international journals.

This webinar took place on March 21st, at 15.00 GMT. Watch the recording on GO-GN’s YouTube channel.


Featured image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

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