2019 Fred Mulder Awards for Best Paper and Best Open Research

At the ceremony to celebrate the winners of the first edition of the GO-GN Awards in Delft last April, it was announced that from now on the awards will be known as the Fred Mulder Awards, in honour of Fred Mulder, founding father of GO-GN and a truly extraordinary man. And so it goes that… Read more »

Hear from our researchers

Interested in finding out more about GO-GN Global OER Graduate Network? Watch to hear more from members about what the network aims to achieve and the positive impact participation has had on their own PhD research in open education.   GO-GN PhD researchers are spread all over the world. Check this map to find out… Read more »

Sign reading 'Come in, we are open' in many languages


About GO-GN The Global OER Graduate network is a global network of PhD students involved in projects, policy development and implementation strategies on open educational resources (OER).  At the core of the network are doctoral students whose research projects include a focus on openness in education through, for example, OER, MOOC, open data, open licensing and… Read more »

  • Webinar: Who should have a voice in research? Exploring synergies between open and engaged research practices

    For the next webinar, we are delighted to host the Open University’s Professor Rick Holliman as the next speaker. Rick is an expert in open science and public engagement and leads the OU’s work on engaging research.  Join us on Wednesday 7th November, 4pm GMT, if you can. Rick has written a brief background to his talk, as follows:… Read more »

  • Fred sending out the knowledge.

    Fred Mulder

    We are sad to report that Professor Fred Mulder passed away at the weekend. Fred was the founder of the GO-GN network. He came up with the idea, and worked tirelessly to seek funding and get it established. He believed passionately in open education, and also in the power of research to support that mission…. Read more »

  • Webinar: There is life after the PhD! At least for a phenomenographer…

    For the next webinar, we are delighted to host our very own Dr Chrissi Nerantzi as the next speaker. Many of you will know Chrissi, she has been one of our most active and enthusiastic GO-GN scholars. She is a model of open practice, and was the recipient of the first GO-GN award for open practice…. Read more »

  • K-12 Open Learning: An Overview and Dialogue

    For many of us, September is back to school time, right? Aaaah those early mornings, school runs, lunch boxes, homework, after-school routines… ok, I’m making it all up, but this is true: we haven’t talked about OER in schools since Penny’s webinar exactly one year ago. To put things right and start at the beginning, we are… Read more »

  • Webinar: Open Distance and eLearning policy development and subsequent OEP

    Before we take a break in August, it is an honour to host Dr Bernard Nkuyubwatsi, Professor of Education, Open and eLearning at Euclid University, as our next webinar speaker. Bernard was one of the first GO-GN researchers to graduate; when I looked again at his membership application from years ago I noticed he said he wanted… Read more »

  • Look back and wonder

    It is normally around this time of the year that we look back to take stock of our activities and write an official report to our funders, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. There is the formality of looking at what we promised we would do with the spondulicks and assess how far we have… Read more »

  • Unearthing the secret world – The GO-GN Delft seminar

    This post was written by Adrian Stagg, @openKuroko “Everybody has a secret world inside of them. I mean everybody. All of the people in the whole world, I mean everybody — no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside. Inside them they’ve all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds… Not just… Read more »

  • Open for the Public: Pedagogies Towards the Commons

    When the sun shines outside, you probably need a double good reason to come indoors, switch on your machine and join a webinar. Well, on June 6th I’m not giving you a double good reason, I’m giving you the one and only reason you will want to connect to the internet: Robin DeRosa! Yabadabadoo! Open… Read more »

  • The GO-GN Seminar and OE Global Conference 2018: Reflections and Experiences

    This post was written by Viviane Vladimirschi and first published on her blog on May 10th, 2018.   Yay, I became a Dr and now what? First off,  I would like to note that I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend three GO-GN Seminars and three OE Global Conferences to this date. This… Read more »

  • What happened when we put 14 PhD researchers inside an IKEA hotel

    After Cape Town in 2013 and 2017, Ljubljana and Washington in 2014, Banff in 2015 and Kraków in 2016, in April 2018 fourteen GO-GN researchers, the OERHub team and a handful of GO-GN family members gathered in The Netherlands for the 7th GO-GN Seminar. This is the story of two days (in an IKEA hotel)… Read more »

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