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GO-GN 10th Anniversary: Ignite, Highlight!

This post is by Dr. Marjon Baas

The year 2024 is already past its first month, time flies. So probably most of you are already looking forward to the next great online webinars and the upcoming research seminars and awesome co-creation activities of GO-GN. Yet, I have to admit that, shamefully, I am still looking back at the last great research seminar held in the city with chilly vibes and beautiful autumn colours: Edmonton, Canada. I simply didn’t find any time to reflect and write a blog about my experiences and insights gained of attending the seminar as well as the workshop I had the pleasure of giving. Who would have thought that you are even busier after finishing your PhD because there are so many questions and (fun) new projects waiting for you, because suddenly you really are indeed THE expert (I’m still not “the” expert, but I got the impression the last few weeks that suddenly people look at you for all kinds of decisions or requests). But enough talking, let’s get into the details of the amazing GO-GN research seminar 2023~

I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had to attend the research seminar just a week after my public PhD defence. Even though I was still a bit tired, I felt so inspired and energized yet again by all the great conversations, presentations and workshops. As Melissa Ashman, Bethany Eldridge, Samia Almousa and Viviane Vladimirschi already wrote (see their blogs on the GO-GN site) it was such a great pleasure. In this blog I will specifically focus in on the results of my workshop: Ignite your Highlight of GO-GN.

In one of my studies in my dissertation (which can be read here), I’ve used the value creation framework of Wenger et al. (2011) and in this workshop I illustrated how this framework can be used in research studies on communities and networks. But I also collected and discussed the value creation of GO-GNers as to highlight one specific instance (or story) of the value of participation in GO-GN. And I added a nice AI illustration too 🙂 So, here we go! 

As you can see, the value created in GO-GN is so diverse. And this are just 4 specific instances of GO-GN’ers. It just shows what a great community it is and the impact it has on our work. 

Thanks GO-GN! Let’s continue creating value together 🙂

Ps. Want to read more about the Value Creation Framework? Look here

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