GO-GN 10th Anniversary Workshop at OE Global 2023

Email sent to GO-GN members and alumni on 3 May 2023:


Ahead of our forthcoming May GO-GN update, we’re writing with an extra special announcement… 

GO-GN’s 10th anniversary workshop: an invitation to participate

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re currently planning to hold our 10th anniversary face-to-face workshop prior to OE Global 2023 in Edmonton, Canada. The provisional workshop dates are 13 and 14 October, ahead of the main conference 16-18 October 2023. 

This special workshop will: 

  • Focus on the co-creation of output(s) 
  • Enable the sharing of research 
  • Foster collaboration
  • Be co-designed by participants
  • Amplify voices and research from the Global South 
  • Connect GO-GN members and alumni with our friends/experts community.

We will provide translation and other support, where possible, so that members can fully engage with activities face-to-face. We will also be looking at the possibility of virtual participation for those unable to join us in person. 

We welcome applications from all GO-GN members and alumni, and in particular from GO-GN’ers based in the Global South. 

What costs will be covered?   

GO-GN can cover the following costs for successful applicants: 

  • Return travel to Edmonton
  • Visa costs
  • Registration for OE Global 2023
  • Accommodation for seven nights (12-19 October) 
  • Food and refreshments during the two-day workshop (13 and 14 October)
  • Food and drinks as part of the GO-GN dinner (Friday 13 October, TBC) and any other GO-GN social events (TBC). 

To help us plan the workshop and for logistics, if you would like to participate in the workshop and do not require funding from GO-GN, or have funding that can cover some costs, please also apply using the form below. 

How do I apply to participate? 

We do hope that you’ll consider applying to join us in Edmonton, Canada in October. We very much look forward to receiving your application and you can apply to participate by Thursday 29 June 2023. All applicants will be advised on the outcome of their submission w/c 10 July 2023.

More on OE Global 2023

You can find out more about OE Global 2023 and submit your conference abstract by 15 May 2023. OE Global are also looking for reviewers able to feedback on 3-5 proposals between 17 May and 21 June. You can apply to be an OE Global23 reviewer by 5 May 2023. 


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: [email address]  

Warmest wishes 
Beck Pitt
(on behalf of the GO-GN team)”


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