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Meet the Fellows & Reclaim Hosting special with Jim Groom (14 October Mini-Seminar)

A little while ago we were excited to announce not one but two mini-seminars this autumn. As you might recall, the first of these is happening next week (Wednesday 14 October) when we’ll be introducing our fantastic GO-GN fellowship recipients and an awesome special guest speaker Jim Groom, co-founder of Reclaim Hosting, which offers folks their own domain and web hosting, If you’re interested in digital identify, openness in research and building your profile online then you don’t want to miss Jim’s session. You may have also noticed that we’re offering GO-GN’ers the opportunity to have a domain of their own via Reclaim so you can also find out more about this then.

Excited yet? You bet! So what’s happening, when?

Mini-Seminar II (14 October 2020)

Meet the Fellows (12.00-13.30BST)

We were super excited to announce the recipients of our first round of fellowship awards recently. In this exciting session you can find out more about what each of our fellows have planned and also ask Jo, Virginia, Judith and Chrissi questions.

  • 12.00-12.20 BST: Jo Funk will talk about her forthcoming research focused on developmental evaluation of learning and OEP in core Humanities Curriculum units and their impact on students’ employability skills and workforce readiness.
  • 12.20-12.40 BST: Judith Pete will discuss her plans for promoting GO-GN and open education in African universities and beyond.
  • 12.40-13.00 BST: Chrissi Nerantzi will share more on her work to develop a collaborative storybook for raising awareness of openness and open education in young people.
  • 13.00-13.20 BST: Virginia Rodés will outline her planned research to investigate the experiences of teachers in Uruguay when creating and (re)using OERs and national repositories during COVID19.
  • 13.20-13.30 BST: Time for any other questions/discussion.

We’ll then take a short break before…

Like <3 and Subscribe to Your Digital !dentity in the Time of Corona (14.00-15.00BST)

At 14.00BST Jim Groom will be joining us for an awesome special guest session on digital identity:

In a moment when just about every industry (including and especially education) has gone virtual on a timeline unimaginable just seven months ago, this “episode” will explore the increasingly important role of digital identity in our brave new virtual world. Not only will we explore the technologies and approaches that got us here, but we will also provide an interactive, streamed experience to demonstrate the increasingly blurred distinctions between that of user (consumer)  and producer (creator).

You can read more about what Jim’s planning over on bavatuesdays in A Stream of One’s Own.

So how can you participate in these fantastic sessions? Open to all, you just need to head over to:

Work out what time the sessions will be where you are.

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