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Research Methods Handbook: Published!

We are pleased to announce that our Research Methods Handbook is now available in our outputs page ( The Handbook presents an overview of scientific methodology for open research and features contributions by 28 network members who are doctoral or postdoctoral researchers working in the field of open education. We trust that the Handbook will be a useful tool for less experienced researchers and those starting out on their doctoral projects. As an example of an open educational practice it’s great to see the network members sharing their research for the benefit of the community!

Support for methodology is regularly requested by members when we hold our annual workshops. Back in March we held a webinar on research methods which began the process of writing this book. We had originally intended to devote some of our April mini-seminar to some group work on methods, but events did not transpire that way. Coronavirus happened; 2020 travel stopped; and we, like many others, moved online. We collected data through a survey of members to write the report and included the contributors in the reviewing process. So many thanks to those who contributed – we hope you like the results! Your insights are the absolutely crucial part of this.

Some among you might recognise artwork from Bryan Mathers at visualthinkery throughout the Handbook. Always a pleasure to work together and the images make the Handbook quite unique and visually interesting. If you need a penguin-based diagram to explain research design, he’s your first port of call! The images, like the Handbook itself, are licensed CC-BY so you’re free to use them in your own work.

The Handbook is a guide with lots of information and connections to follow, but it is by no means comprehensive (yet). We could provide an updated edition regularly if there is interest in this. We also thought that we might ask people to write a section when they complete their doctorate as a way of capturing insights at a critical time. We’ll have a think about it, but if you have an idea for something we could add then do drop us a line in the usual ways. As ever, your feedback is welcome.

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